Carow · Architects is very experienced in educational facility design, having provided services for renovations and additions to Roosevelt University, North Park College, and Northeastern Illinois University over the past 10 years. The firm is currently providing services to the Public Building Commission of Chicago for the renovation of four schools in the City of Chicago.  

In addition to new buildings, renovations and additions, the firm provides services on feasibility studies for major projects, such as the master planning for Roosevelt University Auditorium building campus and the Harold Washington Central Library in Chicago.  

Mr. Carow has fourteen years of academic teaching and administrative experience which enables him to work well within the university planning and design process. He has participated in the design and review of new buildings for two universities as a faculty member. Carow · Architects · Planners is experienced in all aspects of university work. This includes student housing, gymnasiums, natatoriums, auditoriums, libraries, museums, cafeterias, classrooms, and administrative offices.


Roosevelt University
Chicago, Illinois  

Roosevelt University has been our client since 1971. Since that time, we have completed several projects for the university: 


Chicago Campus: 

University Master Plan: Master planning and consultation on all changes to the historic landmark Auditorium Building, designed by Louis Sullivan. This work includes space planning, interior design, graphics, signage, window replacement, determination of finishes and paint colors, budgeting, and scheduling. 

Second floor lounges: Renovation-restoration consultation for the second floor lounges in the historic Auditorium Building. 

Administrative Offices: Space planning and design for expanding the University's continuing education center. Implementation was effected for new administrative offices, admissions offices, and entries. Other projects included studies of sidewalk and undersidewalk repairs, alley replacement over vaulted basement areas, fire safety considerations, exterior metal conditions, and handicapped access. 

Marvin Moss Student Center: Design of a new gymnasium, exercise room, and associated lockers and offices. The gymnasium doubles as an auditorium to seat 500 people. The two story building was built on top of the existing three-story Herman Crown Center. 

Marvin Moss Conference Center: Plans for a new meeting facility and conference center containing state-of-the-art lighting and audio-visual equipment. The work was bid but not implemented due to budget restraints. 

A.A. Robbins Campus, Arlington Heights, Illinois: 

This recently completed project consisted of renovation of parts of three floors of the District 214 High School "A" Building in Arlington Heights, Illinois, which is currently being leased by Roosevelt University for their Albert A. Robin satellite campus.  Work includes conversion of existing classrooms to student activity offices and lounges, removal of existing lockers and conversion of these corridor areas to staff offices, a new bookstore space, and expansion of the campus library, which includes new furnishings and finishes.  A previous renovation in 1988 included administrative offices, lounges, entries, exterior improvements, signage, lighting, and handicapped access. 

North Park College and Theological Seminary
Chicago, Illinois

Wallgren Library: Programming and building option studies for expansion of the 40,000 square foot academic library, archives, and related facilities. The study assessed the cost implications of renovating and adding to the present building versus new construction. 

Gymnasium: Interior design schemes to enhance the main gymnasium for the college - the home of the Division III basketball championship team. 

Swimming Pool: Renovation and restoration of the 1916 swimming pool, the oldest indoor pool in Chicago, to serve the faculty and students. 


Northeastern Illinois University
Chicago, Illinois

Site Lighting Improvements: Studies of existing parking, driveway and walkway lighting, recommendations for improvements, and bidding documents to implement the work. 

Library Building Renovation: Preparation of documentation to be used for the implementation of new carpeting throughout the five floor building. 

Fire Safety Investigations/Implementation: Studies of the lower floor connections among the campus buildings to bring the smoke and fire suppression and limitation into compliance with present codes. 

Classroom Building/Lecture Halls: Renovation and retrofitting of lecture halls to improve acoustics and lighting. 

Science Building: New handicapped accessible automatic entries for the Science Building. 

B Wing East and West: Renovation of classroom areas for new uses by the Departments of Art and Music. Mr. Carow was the project architect while a principal in another firm. 




Public Building Commission of Chicago 

Andrew Jackson Elementary School: Dwight H. Perkins, a noted Chicago Architect, designed the original north portion of the school circa 1890 and the south section in 1907. Originally an elementary school, the school was converted to an adult education center. The renovation work to return the facility to an elementary school consists of new roofing, masonry cleaning and tuckpointing, stone lintel stabilization, window replacement, new lighting and electrical, science and library room casework, additional toilets and all new interior finishes. Construction budget: $1.5 million. 

Sheldon Elementary School: 11,500 square feet of renovated space. Built in the nineteen-fifties but closed for the last eight years, it had suffered severe deterioration due to leakage. The building program called for complete renovation to return the school to active use; roofing, new window glazing, new ceilings and lighting, new interior finishes and handicapped accessibility. $880,000 construction contract. The project was bid and bids were received below estimates, but the Board elected not to reopen the school. 

Gage Park Elementary School: A 57,000 square foot building built in 1914 which had been used as a vocational high school. Renovation returned the school to its original use as an elementary school. Work included roofing, exterior masonry parapet repair/rebuilding, new interiors and steps, handicapped accessibility, addition of toilet rooms, a fire alarm system and new interior finishes. $880,000 construction cost. 

Von Humboldt Elementary School: This 153,000 square foot facility is one of Chicago's oldest and most historic schools. The original building was constructed in 1884 and additions were added in 1910 and 1921. Work consisted of roofing, general masonry restoration, entrance replacement and handicapped accessibility. Construction budget: $275,000. 

Stockton Elementary School: A 76,000 square foot school built in 1924 and expanded in 1964. The project consisted of interior space rearrangement, interior finishes and decorative plaster restoration and handicapped accessibility. 

Crane High School Maintenance Building, Athletic Fields, and Parking lots: Design of a new addition for maintenance and yard storage, a new athletic field with a patented system of drainage and irrigation (used on professional football fields), a running track and site work for other field events, and staff parking lots. The firm also provided landscape design services for this $1.1 million project. 

Collins High School: Design of a new 3,000-student high school complex with 400,000 square feet. Included in the project was a cafeteria, swimming pool, gymnasium, and theater. Jay R. Carow was the project architect while a principal in another firm. 

William Dawson Vocational Training Center: Design of a three-story, 150,000 sq. ft. training center which includes teaching facilities for industrial, food service, day-care and nursing, and administrative courses. Jay R. Carow was the design architect while a principal in another firm. 

Chicago Board of Education

Anne Keller Magnet School: Architects for a new 41,000 sq. ft. magnet school for 275 students. the new school replaces an existing school which is being demolishde.Construction and site plan budgets: $5.8 million. Completion in July 1998.


Tilden High School: Renovation of spaces for approximately 1,100 students in the career Academics program which provides enhanced education for votechnical students. The budget is approximately $3.5 million and completion is scheduled for October of 1998.

Calumet High School: Renovation of spaces for approximately 600 students in the career Academics program which provides enhanced education for votechnical students. The budget is approximately $1 million and completion is scheduled for October of 1998.

Parker Academy: Masonry repairs and roof and window replacements at a former high school building, constructed in 1924, now used as an elementary school. The building and its adjecent boiler house and Parent-Child Center has a total of over 200,000 sq. ft. on three floors. Construction cost of $1.5 million. completion in spring of 1998.